Submission Guidelines

We want to hear your story about a life changing encounter.  Did you seek out someone in particular and, as a result of what that person did or said, the path of your life changed dramatically for the better?  We love stories of ordinary people that went on to have extraordinary experiences, and they can point to one interaction that changed the course of their lives.

The ideal story is a few paragraphs (think one page of a book, approx. 750 words).  It shouldn’t take our readers any longer than five minutes to read, and it should be written in the first person.  The only way to submit stories is through our website.  Please do not email them or mail them to us.  

Your story must be true.  Describe your background before your encounter, and what your dream or your goal was. Let us know about the encounter in a way that will help others Why did you want to meet with that person?  How did you get the person’s contact information? Where did you meet?  What did you say, and what did they say?  How did they help you?  Finally, what happened after that to help you move towards your dream or goal and where are you now?

As is stated in our Terms & Conditions, all stories become the property of The $7 Million Dollar Lunch, and, by submitting your story, you are agreeing to allow us to publish it online or in a future book.  If we do decide to publish it, we will notify you, and we may ask for more details.  If your story is selected to be published in a book, you will be asked to sign our standard permission release agreement, giving us non-exclusive rights to publish your story. This means that you retain ownership of your story, but you grant us the rights to publish it and use it again in any future book.