The $7 Million Dollar

If You Want To Achieve Your Dreams And Goals, Invite Someone To Lunch

You’ve got the great idea, you’ve done the research, and maybe you’ve even started on the path to achieving your “thing.”  But you don’t know how to go from where you are now to where you want to be.  That’s where I was.  Then I started inviting people to lunch and coffee, people that had already achieved success in the area I was looking to achieve it.  The interactions were always valuable, but one in particular changed the course of my career, and my life.  The Seven Million Dollar Lunch is the story of this process.  You’ll learn why expressing your dreams and goals to someone in person, over a meal or a cup of coffee, is so important.  Especially when digital communication (texting, social media, email, etc) has become the new normal.  

And if you, or someone you know, has an incredible story about how one interaction with another person changed the course of your life, we want to know about that so we can share it with others!  

Dan Gorman

/ Author

About the Author

After receiving his degree in Electrical Engineering, Dan Gorman took that valuable degree and started managing a jewelry store.  At 29, he founded  United Diamond Brokers, a jewelry brokerage business that specialized in dealing with insurance companies to replace lost and stolen jewelry.  An addict of late night infomercials, he used the techniques he learned from the “no money down” real estate king, Carlton Sheets, to buy his first 25 unit building.  After another acquisition, he realized that he loved real estate but wasn’t able to make any money owning it.  Then one lunch meeting changed everything.  He went from having no net worth to becoming a millionaire within six months. 

Since then, he has accumulated multiple apartment communities, mobile home parks, shopping centers and office buildings.  In addition, he founded United Property Group, Africa.  He currently mentors young real estate investors and speaks about the importance of seeking out specific people and meeting with them to share your goals and dreams